The Basic Idea

The Spectator is a puzzle game about perspective.
Use your imagination and get out of the maze!

The trailer (demo on PC):

Concept Design & Explaination

The Spectator is a game prototype we made as the submission for Microsoft Imagine Cup.

The very early idea came from game The Witness. And after some discussion we thought it would be fun if we’re truly “interact” with those lines in the real world. Combined with some inspiration from game Shadowmatic, we designed this game.

You can move or rotate your phone, to observe the puzzles from any angle, use perspective tricks to solve it.

It is made for mobile devices actually. And we think it’s a good game example of using motion sensors to make different kind of games.
Somehow we didn’t have enough time to make a working mobile demo before the due. So the demo video is a PC version.

Think outside of the box! :)