Pouring Ball is the winning project of HackShanghai 2015 (China’s Largest College Hackathon), out of 250 participants from 8 countries.

It is a game that requires you and your friend to work together to pass through.


The demo was developed within 24 hours and has 3 levels in it.

Quote from the interview by CRIENGLISH.com:

There is a ball floating around on the phone screen. When the device is tilted, the ball, due to the force of gravity, will mimic a pouring movement. When the ball is moving or pouring in this matter, it will flow through a tube, from one device and into the next. At this point though, before that happens, there could be more than one entrance where it could potentially gush through. For the ball to “flow” through the right path, all the players must be well coordinated.

The game isn’t just all mental game, but also a physical one, since movements must also be superbly synchronized. But that’s not all. To be able to successfully get the ball from one device into the next, there is an obstacle; a padlock. And we all know what that means; someone needs to unlock it, using the ball, as the key. It might sound simple, I assure you, it isn’t. In this game, like most of the games out there however, the more you get into the subsequent levels the harder it gets.